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Reproduction Catalogs from Cut Glass Manufacturers

Listed below are old cut glass catalog reprints from some of the finest creators during their era of greatest popularity. These catalogs are an excellent source for research and continuing education about cut glass patterns. You need not be a member of ACGA to purchase catalogs. However, non-members pay a 20% premium. Join ACGA and save money! We accept Paypal or a mail-in form with your check or money order. You are also able to make a donation to various ACGA funds below.

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Luzerne Cut Glass Company Catalog

The Early Glass of Corning - new catalog for 2017

Complimenting the 2017 convention theme, “Crystal City Homecoming,” our catalog this year focuses on the earliest known cut glass produced by the two definitive Corning cutting shop magnates, John Hoare and his protégé, T. G. Hawkes.

We all know that to understand the present, it helps to understand the past. This catalog provides a concentrated, visual insight into the beginnings of the American Brilliant cut glass movement.

Read the complete article about this catalog, here.

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Recent Catalog Issues
Luzerne cut glass Bundle Sale MtWashington MtWashington

The Luzerne Cut Glass Company

The 106 page catalog contains some 600 items and many newly rediscovered named patterns.  It includes a comprehensive pattern index and a recently researched history of the firm.

Dorflinger Glass

A compendium of four Dorflinger catalogs, including the most complete version of the Dorflinger Salesman’s Catalog and unique wares produced for the Honesdale Decorating Company.  320+ pages with a comprehensive index and featuring a newly researched Introduction by Kurt A. Reed, noted Dorflinger researcher and Curator of the Dorflinger Factory Museum.  It sheds new light on this noted firm, particularly its early years and its operations in White Mills, PA.

Rochester Cut Glass Company

Rochester Cut Glass Company, of Rochester, PA, is one about which little is known about. New research has uncovered its story, c. 1896 to 1922. They specialized in cut glass tumblers and tableware. A history of the firm is written by Kelly A. Conway, Curator of American Glass at the Corning Museum of Class. Over 100 new patterns.

The Cut Glass of Mt. Washington

Showcasing cut glass produced by this firm prior to the 1894 takeover by the Pairpoint Corporation. A collection of seven Mt. Washington catalogs from the archives of the Rakow Research Library. Introduction by Jane Shadel Spillman. 280+ pages.

Non-Member Price: $49.00 Non-Member Price: $63.00 Non-Member Price: $60 Non-Member Price: $64

The Glass of Gorham

Over 300 pages of silver decorated glass items from the Gorham firm in Providence, RI and New York City. The cut glass suppliers of over 600 items are identified. Introduction by Jane Shadel Spillman.

J. Hoare & Co. - The Hoare Scrapbooks

Selected items from the Hoare Scrapbooks housed at the Rakow Research Library plus 40 previously unpublished pages from a circa 1904 - 1910 catalog and all patents assigned to J. Hoare. Almost 300 pages.

Linford Cut Glass Company

Recent research about the company and its principals; plus new insights into the cut glass industry's trials and tribulations, circa 1900.

Sinclaire's Stemware

100+ original design drawings of the H. P. Sinclaire's Co. stemware from the archives of the Rakow Research Library, CMOG

Price $60 Price $52 Price $38 Price $38

John N. Illig

110 pages
85 patterns
Includes a new biography by Jane Shadel Spillman, curator of American Glass at the Corning Museum of Glass.

C.F. Monroe Co.

This catalog contains a wealth of information about the cut glass patterns and shapes produced by the C. F. Monroe Co. as well as additional information on their silver, Wave Crest, Nakara ware and metal products lines


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Catalogs and Miscellaneous Items
Dixon DVD Bergen Bergen2 Blackmer

DVD: "Brilliant by Design"

DVD: "Brilliant by Design: Masterpieces of American Cut and Engraved Glass" from the 2008 Memphis Convention at the Dixon Gallery & Gardens.

Bergen, J. D.

Bergen Glass, J.D., 1893 - 12 Patterns, 80 Pages. Printed 1999

Bergen, J. D

Bergen, J.D. Co., 170 new patterns, 96 Pages. Printed 2002

Blackmer, A. L. Co.

Blackmer, A.L. Co., 91 Patterns (Reprint), 48 Pages. Printed 1995

Price $7.50 Price $17 Price $19 Price $14

Buffalo Cut Glass

Buffalo Cut Glass Co., 53 Patterns., 44 Pages. Printed 2007

pointerOnly a few copies left ...

Dorflinger Line Drawings

Dorflinger Line Drawings, 110 Patterns. 156 Pages. Printed 1994

Dorflinger Research Catalog

Dorflinger Research Catalog 1896-1915, 65 Patterns. 164 Pages. Printed 1997.


Egginton, Celebrated Cut Glass, 50 Patterns, 80 Pages. Reprint 2002

Price $31 Price $13 Price $32 Out of Print

Elmira Cut Glass Company.

Elmira Cut Glass Company. 48 Pages. Printed 2001

Hawkes, T.G. & Co.,

Hawkes, T.G. & Co., 1890, 740 Shapes. 300 Pages. Printed 2003


Hawkes, T.G. & Co.,

Hawkes, T.G. & Co., 1900-1905, 124 Patterns. 228 Pages. Printed 1989

Hoare, J. & Co.

Hoare, J. & Co., 1896 & 1911, 151 Patterns. 180 Pages. Printed 1997

Price $17 This item is out of print. This item is out of print. Price $29

Hoare, J. & Co.

Hoare, J. & Co., 1882-1915. 144 Pages. Printed 1992

Home Cut Glass Co.

Home Cut Glass Co. (2 Catalogs) 93 Patterns. 58 Pages. Printed 1999

Hunt Glass Works

Hunt Glass Works, 25 patterns, 47 pages. Printed 2007.

Ideal Cut Glass Co.

Ideal Cut Glass Co., 1910, 110+ patterns, history. 200 Pages. Printed 2006


Price $20 Price $16 Out of Print Out of Print

Krantz, Smith & Co.

Krantz, Smith & Co., (4 Catalogs in 1). 112 Pages. Printed 1995

Lackawanna Cut Glass Co.

Lackawanna Cut Glass Co., (Reprint). 84 Pages. Printed 2001

Laurel Cut Glass Co.

Laurel Cut Glass Company, (Reprint). 36 pages. Printed 2001


Libbey Glass Co.

Libbey Glass Co., 398 patterns. 260 pages. Printed 1996

Price $13 Price $18 Out of Print Price $38

Maple City/T.B. Clark

Maple City/T.B. Clark 1896 -1911, 8 Catalogs in 1) 613 Patterns. 346 pages. Printed 1993

Meriden Cut Glass Co

Meriden Cut Glass Co. /Wilcox., 1892-1923. 212 pages. Printed 1994

Missouri / Niagara

Missouri Glass Co./Niagara Glass Co (2 Catalogs) 52 Pages, Printed 2004

Monroe, C F.

Monroe, C.F. Cut Glass, 1903-04, 27 Patterns. 18 Pages. Printed 1981

Price $35 Price $22 Price $22 Price $9

Niland Cut Glass Co.

Niland, J. J. , Niland, Thomas A. & Niland Cut Glass Company, 18 Patterns, 25 Plates. 66 pages. Printed 2007



Pairpoint Corporation, 1904-13, 201 Patterns. 188 pages. Printed 1991

Parsche Cut Glass

Parsche, F.X. & Son Cut Glass, 22 Patterns. 24 Pages. Printed 1981

Pitkin & Brooks

Pitkin & Brooks, 1897-1910 (6 Catalogs in 1) 305 Patterns. 284 Pages. Printed 2005

Out of Print Price $20 Price $11 Out of print

Quaker City

Quaker City Cut Glass Co., 103 Patterns (Reprint).  98 Pages.  Printed 1995


H.P. Sinclaire & Co, 1914, 185 patterns. 245 Pages. Printed 2008


Straus-Macy Rich Cut Glass. 168 pages. Printed 2000

Taylor Brothers

Taylor Brothers & Co., 148 Patterns. 46 Pages. Printed 1980

Out of Print Out of print Price $36 Price $12

Unger Brothers

Unger Bros., (Reprint). 40 Pages. Printed 2001

Only a few copies left!

Val St. Lambert

Val St. Lambert (4 Catalogs in one) 280 Pages. Printed 1998

Val St. Lambert

Val St. Lambert - Price List. 53 Pages. Printed 1998

The Hobstar

The Hobstar - Color Rarities Issue. Printed 1995

Price $17 Price $38 Price $6 Price $6

ACGA Catalog Reprint Bundles

Sale of certain catalogs are at a substantial savings.  Each Group Bundle is sold only as bundled.  
All Sales Final.  

Bundle "A" For $90,  (a savings of  $69 over individual purchase)
Dorflinger Research Catalog 1896-1915, 65 Patterns, 164 pages, printed 1997. 
Single price $32
Home Cut Glass Company, (2 cat in 1) 93 Patterns, 58 pages, printed 1999.
Single price $16
Krantz, Smith & Co.,  (4 cats in 1), 112 pages, printed 1995. 
Single price $13
Libbey Glass Co., 398 patterns , 260 pages, printed 1996.
Single price $38
Meriden Cut Glass Co. /Wilcox., 1892-1923, 212 pages, printed 1994.  Single price $22 Val St. Lambert (4 Catalogs in one), 280 pages, printed 1998.  Single price $38
BUNDLE "A"  - 6 Catalogs at a savings of $69


Bundle "B" for $84,  (a savings of  $63)

Bergen Glass,  J.D., 1893, 12 Patterns, 80 pages, printed 1999.  Single price $17

Dorflinger Cut Glass Line Drawings, 110 Patterns , 156 pages, printed 1994. 
Single price $13

Elmira Cut Glass Company, 48 pages, printed 2001. 
Single price $17

Hoare, J. & Co.,1896 & 1911, 151 Patterns, 180 pages.  Printed  1997.  Single price $29

Maple City/T.B. Clark , 1896-1911 (8 Cat  in 1), 613 Patterns, 346 pages. Printed 1993,
Single price $35
Straus-Macy Rich Cut Glass.   168 pages, printed 2000. 
Single price $36
BUNDLE "B"  - 6 Catalogs at a savings of $63


Bundle "C" for $67,  Save $33

Bergen, J.D. Company, 170 new patterns, 96 pages, printed 2002.  Single price $19 Hoare, J. & Co., 1882-1911.  144 pages, printed 1992. 
Single price $20

C.F. Monroe #11 Catalog.  contains 78 pages of cut glass, total 142 pages.  Single Price $18

Pairpoint Corporation, The 1904-03, 201 Patterns.  188 pages, printed 1991.  Single price $20 Parsche, F.X. & Son Cut Glass, 22 Patterns, 24 pages.  Printed 1981.  Single price $11 Taylor Brothers & Co., 148 Patterns , 46 pages, printed 1980.  Single price $12
BUNDLE "C"  - 6 Catalogs at a savings of $33


All Catalog Bundles:  A, B, & C: 18 catalogs at a savings of $165 $241.00


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Listed below are a few additional books and catalogs made available by ACGA members:

Jewel Cut Glass Catalog Jewel Cut Glass Company Catalog

Jewel Cut Glass Company catalog – a wonderful addition for your American Brilliant cut glass reference library. This bound, high-quality, 22-page catalog is a first-generation reprint of an original catalog. It is the only known Jewel Cut Glass Co. catalog and contains 44 previously unidentified Brilliant Period Patterns.

You may purchase by contacting via email:

Jewel Cut Glass CatalogQuaker City/Liberty Cut Glass Catalog

A Quaker City catalog (circa 1909) of 50 pages with 74 designs, 34 of which do not appear in the previous Quaker City ACGA catalog. In conjunction with this catalog is one from the Liberty Glass Works of Egg Harbor City, New Jersey. The President of Liberty, Thomas P. Strittmatter, was also the Treasurer and Secretary of Quaker City. The undated Liberty catalog consists of 29 pages featuring 47 designs, including cover pages and a nine-page section on the care and manufacture of cut glass. At least five of the more complex Liberty designs are identical to Quaker City designs! Liberty sold directly to the consumer, bypassing both jobbers and retailers. From 1911-1917, they maintained a showroom on fashionable Fifth Ave. in New York City. The catalog is reproduced from Xerox copies and is spiral-bound for ease of use.

You may purchase by contacting via email:

Cut Glass Bowl by Anderson

The Chain of Evidence Continues

By LindaJo Hare for the William C. Anderson Study Group

This new volume will provide the most comprehensive look at the cut glass design work of William C. Anderson for both the Libbey Glass Company and the American Cut Glass Company. Over 550 pages, hundreds of photographs, new information about the American Cut Glass Company, new pattern attributions, new pattern identification information. This will be a major reference book for years to come.
Order Now! More Info

California Cut Glass Manufacturing Company:
History and Glass

By Karen Kemper. Please contact Karen directly to purchase this book:
304 Prunella Ct., Lincoln, CA 95648

Reprint of the Libbey Glass Co. catalog 1896.

This catalog was reprinted by the Antique & Historic Glass Foundation, Toledo, Ohio in 1968.  The remaining catalogs of that printing are available for $18.00 including first class shipping.  The catalog is 25 pages and includes 17 desirable patterns.  You may purchase by contacting via email and use Paypal:

Reprint of Koh-i-noor American Cut Glass

Made available from the files of Martha Louise Swan, this 22-page catalog has 17 patterns including the "Heart" pattern and the "Christmas Bell" pattern.   A limited number of catalogs are available.  You may purchase by contacting via email:

"The Miracle of Brilliant Cut Glass"

This book by Martha Louise Swan is available from Warren Biden for $15. You may purchase by contacting via email: